Monday, June 09, 2008

May 2008 TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Newsletter

Our latest newsletter from May 2008 (in PDF format) was uploaded to:

The issue contains latest news, references to intersting links on TRIZ and innovation, recommended new books, and description of one of the principles of creative innovation: "Continuity".

Matrix 2003: German Edition

A friend and a TRIZ colleague of mine from Germany, Horst Nahler, recently updated me that they published a German translation of the book "Matrix 2003" by D. Mann, S. Dewulf, B. Zlotin, A. Zusman (originally the book was published in English in 2003). The book introduces an extension to the original Contradiction Matrix developed by G. Altshuller which still remains today one of the most popular TRIZ technqies for beginners. The book costs 30 Euro and is available from: