Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TRIZ Intro Short Course, January 14, 2009 in Utrecht

When you are every day involved to TRIZ and Innovation, it is not easy to imagine that there are still too many people who never heard of TRIZ, or those who heard but vaguely know what a contemporary TRIZ is. Therefore I scheduled an evening introduction course to modern TRIZ on January 14, in Utrecht, Netherlands. This short course will take place from 16:00 till 20:00, and provide not only an overview of TRIZ but also a hands-on experience to get a feeling how TRIZ works.

More details are available at:

Thursday, December 04, 2008

TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Training in Spring 2009

I have just (once again!) adjusted the agenda of my public training and certification courses in Spring 2009. Please keep the following dates in mind in case you wish to join some of the courses:
TRIZ for Business and Management:
  • February 5-7: 3-day course, Bangalore, India
  • March 20: one-day introductory course, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • May 4-7: 4-day extended course, Utrecht, Netherlands
TRIZ for Technology and Engineering:

  • April 1-3: 3-day basic course, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • May 18-22: 5-day advanced course, Utrecht, Netherlands
General Systematic Creativity and Problem Solving:
  • March 2-6, OTSM-TRIZ to Develop Power Thinking (with N. Khomenko), Limassol, Cyprus
  • June 12: Creative Imagination Development, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • June 19: Root Conflict Analysis (RCA+), Utrecht, The Netherlands
More information about the courses and registration:

TRIZ Future 2008

Finally, after a quite intensive November filled with travel and training courses, I have some time to write few lines about the TRIZ Future 2008 Conference.
This year's edition of the conference in Enschede gathered around 90 participants from 20 countries including China, Japan, Korea, US. The number of people was slightly less in the previous year in Frankfurt, however in my opinion, quality of presented papers was quite high. It also has to do with the fact that this year we applied a set of stricter criteria to the paper selection and edition process. It probably reduced the number of participants, but I personally learned a number of very interesting things.
As usual, a daily report from the conference is available in the online TRIZ Journal, prepared by the Journal editor, Ellen Domb:
We also hope that as always, Toru Nakagawa will publish a very detailed report on the conference, including review of presented papers.
The atmosphere during the conference was very warm and friendly. After 8 years of conducting the event, we already have a "core group" of those who visit each edition of the conference. It is great to meet each year, discuss last year events and share new ideas. A team of organizers from the Department of Design, Production and Management of the University of Twente did a great job to ensure the highest quality of the event. I am very thankful to them. And especially pleasant surprise was a conference dinner in a village restaurant "Hanninkshof", which featured wonderful gourmet meals and selection of beautiful wines.
What was a little bit frustrating, although the conference was conducted in the Netherlands, not much of Dutch industry visited the conference. I am curious what were the reasons - current economic crisis, or reducing interest in the front-end of innovation? Or too many innovation-related events this year? At the same time I talk to (and work with) many people from the Dutch industry and business, and most of them are very much interested in TRIZ and use it. One of the reasons was, probably that the conference was "too academic", most of papers were from universities. We have to think how to boost industrial participance at future conferences.
Some highlights from the conference:

Opening by Gaetano Cascini, ETRIA president.

During paper presentations

During my tutorial on TRIZ for Business and Management

Keynote talk by Harry Rutten, DSM
During conference dinner

A larger image gallery is available at
Thanks everyone for making the conference success!
Next year edition of the conference will be held in October-November 2009 in Timiosara, Romania. Details will be posted soon at