Thursday, December 04, 2008

TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Training in Spring 2009

I have just (once again!) adjusted the agenda of my public training and certification courses in Spring 2009. Please keep the following dates in mind in case you wish to join some of the courses:
TRIZ for Business and Management:
  • February 5-7: 3-day course, Bangalore, India
  • March 20: one-day introductory course, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • May 4-7: 4-day extended course, Utrecht, Netherlands
TRIZ for Technology and Engineering:

  • April 1-3: 3-day basic course, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • May 18-22: 5-day advanced course, Utrecht, Netherlands
General Systematic Creativity and Problem Solving:
  • March 2-6, OTSM-TRIZ to Develop Power Thinking (with N. Khomenko), Limassol, Cyprus
  • June 12: Creative Imagination Development, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • June 19: Root Conflict Analysis (RCA+), Utrecht, The Netherlands
More information about the courses and registration:

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