Friday, August 30, 2013

Fall 2013: Basic and Advanced TRIZ Training and Certification for Technology and Engineering

Two public training and certification courses on TRIZ for Technology and Engineering are scheduled for Fall 2013:

1. September 24-25, 2013: 2-day Basic TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Technology and Engineering:
2. October 21-25, 2013: 5-day Advanced TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Technology and Engineering:

More information on our courses:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Systematic Business Model Innovation: September 18, 2013

The TRIZ way of thinking and solving innovative problems has been expanding to other areas besides technology and engineering. Recently we introduced a new approach for systematic business model innovation based on combination of several TRIZ tools for identifying and solving challenges to obtain innovative solutions for business models and business systems for virtually every business domain: from technology to banking and insurance.

This approach will be explained and practiced at my next training workshop "Systematic Business Model Innovation" which is scheduled for September 18, 2013 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
More information is available at:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Now TRIZ Master

On August 3, 2013 during the TRIZFest 2013 Conference in Kiev I was awarded the official degree "TRIZ Master" by the decision of MATRIZ for my contribution to the development of TRIZ, TRIZ-related publications and practical experience. It was a very pleasant experience. The degree of TRIZ Master corresponds to the top level in the certification system by MATRIZ (level 5).

Besides me two more persons were awarded the TRIZ Master degree on merits: Jun-Young Lee from Samsung Electronics and Victor Menaker. Two other persons, Alexander Medvedev and Natalia Rubina successfully defended their TRIZ Master theses.

TRIZFest 2013 in Kiev

On August 1-3, 2013 I took part in the TRIZFest 2013 International Conference in Kiev, Ukraine organized by the International TRIZ Association MATRIZ. The conference program was quite filled with different kinds of events: pre-conference workshops and TRIZ Developers Summit, about 30 paper presentations, a meeting of the TRIZ Dissertations Council with TRIZ Master theses defense, and finally MATRIZ Congress with reports delivered by key MATRIZ officers and new decisions making regarding MATRIZ and TRIZFest conferences. About 80 visitors from over 20 countries attended the event.

Workshop of Systematic Business Model Innovation in Kiev

On July 31, 2013 I run a one-day preconference workshop "TRIZ-Based Systematic Business Model Innovation" in Kiev, Ukraine. We had a small but beautiful group of participants. I have been working on applying the TRIZ approach to innovating business models and systems since 2005 and so far most of experiments and pilots were successful. It is not surprising since evolution of both technology and business are evolution of man-made systems and seems to be governed by rather similar principles. Thus now it is time to move to a bigger audience.

My next training workshop "Systematic Business Model Innovation" which is scheduled for September 18, 2013 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. More information is available at:

TRIZ for Social Problems

After the TRIZ Fundamentals course I travelled to Prague to deliver a one-hour keynote talk at the conference on web-based communities within the IADIS 2013 series of conferences. This time my talk concerned application of TRIZ-based approach within social domain. The reaction of audience was very positive, we tried to use some basic TRIZ concepts during the lecture to approach and solve a social problem. We did not expect any breakthrough ideas within such a short time but it seemed like everyone agreed that there is a big potential for further exploring how the key concepts and approach behind TRIZ can be used for social problem solving and social innovation.

TRIZ Fundamentals 2013 finalized

The course "TRIZ Fundamentals 2013" gathered 50 participants this year. It was slightly over the limit but we allowed a greater number of students to register since we expected some last minute cancellations but they did not happen this time.

In addition to 41 B.Sc and M.Sc students we had 9 external guests from industry representing 5 countries.

All the participants were split to 15 groups and each group managed to perform 10 practical assignments. The workload was a bit heavy but at the end of the course everyone looked excited. The following subjects and tools were studied this year:
  • TRIZ background and systematic approach to innovation
  • Ideality and Ideal Final Results
  • Evolution of technology through innovation
  • Root Conflict Analysis
  • 40 Inventive Principles
  • Substance-Field Analysis
  • 76 Inventive Standards
  • Function Analysis
  • Trimming
  • Value Conflict Mapping
  • Introduction to ARIZ
  • Models of Technology Evolution
  • Trends and Lines of Technology Evolution
At the end of the course each participant and student obtained a certificate of TRIZ Practitioner Advanced Level.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

TRIZ Fundamentals 2013 started

On Monday July 8 started another "full immersion" two-week 80-hour training program TRIZ Fundamentals 2013 at Twente University in Enschede. This time there are 51 participants from 6 countries, including a mix of both university students and working professionals. 15 groups will perform 9 assignments during the course.