Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TRIZ Fundamentals 2013 finalized

The course "TRIZ Fundamentals 2013" gathered 50 participants this year. It was slightly over the limit but we allowed a greater number of students to register since we expected some last minute cancellations but they did not happen this time.

In addition to 41 B.Sc and M.Sc students we had 9 external guests from industry representing 5 countries.

All the participants were split to 15 groups and each group managed to perform 10 practical assignments. The workload was a bit heavy but at the end of the course everyone looked excited. The following subjects and tools were studied this year:
  • TRIZ background and systematic approach to innovation
  • Ideality and Ideal Final Results
  • Evolution of technology through innovation
  • Root Conflict Analysis
  • 40 Inventive Principles
  • Substance-Field Analysis
  • 76 Inventive Standards
  • Function Analysis
  • Trimming
  • Value Conflict Mapping
  • Introduction to ARIZ
  • Models of Technology Evolution
  • Trends and Lines of Technology Evolution
At the end of the course each participant and student obtained a certificate of TRIZ Practitioner Advanced Level.

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