Friday, September 15, 2006

Problems and Solutions: The Wise Owl story

A nice story about problems, solutions... and consulting:

"Once upon a time, there was a forest. Suddenly, for whatever reasons, a population of wolves started to grow, and this was really bad for rabbits who were eaten by the wolves more and more. So the rabbits decided to ask the wisest creature in the forest, the Owl, what to do. They came to the Owl, and the Owl said: “Now, it is easy. You rabbits have to become hedgehogs. The wolves do not like hedgehogs. So you will be safe”.
The rabbits liked the advice! Who does not like when your problem is solved? But the next day they came back to the Owl. “Listen, the wisest Owl, but… how do we become hedgehogs?”. And the Owl said: “I am sorry, this question is beyond my scope, I only do strategic advice. I've solved your problem, just as you asked, and now it is up to you how you implement my solution!”.


Howard Smith said...

Valerie. How true it is.

Valeri Souchkov said...

Thanks, Howard. This wise joke reminded me a true story which happened a while ago within the world of TRIZ consulting. Once a TRIZ consultant advised a customer to conduct a process in space since gravity was a problem...