Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Courses on Root Conflict Analysis (RCA+) and Value-Conflict Mapping (VCM) in Munich, Germany

On November 4-5, 2013 I I performed a course on hands-on applications of two relatively new TRIZ techniques which can be used at an analytical stage of a TRIZ Process: RCA+ and VCM. The course was organized by the TRIZ Campus and supported and hosted by General Electric Global Research in Munich, Germany.

Root Conflict Analysis (RCA+) helps with managing complexity of a specific innovative problem by identifying a set of contradictions that contribute to the problem and establishing relationships between these contradictions. As a result we obtain an accurate problem formulation directly in the form of interrelated contradictions.

Value-Conflict Mapping (VCM) is a strategy-defining tool which helps to develop a map which establishes and structures relationships between all types of so-called “blocking” contradictions which should be resolved within short and long terms to develop a system or a product further. VCM was designed to define contradictions that emerge between market, technology and business demands.

The audience accepted both tools rather well, and intensive practice during two days helped to dive deep to the techniques. The feedback I got would definitely help me to work on further enhancements of both techniques.

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